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Formed Vs Fabricated

Formed body

Compartments are constructed of heavy gauge, formed panels that are fully welded
together to create a solid structure. The compartments are supported by a full
ladder type sub frame that rides on the top of the chassis frame and is fully welded
to the compartments.

One Example:

Very strong, the strength comes from the rolls and bends similar to an automobile.
It provides safety as the body absorbs most of the impact and it is less jolting to
the passengers. If the apparatus is damaged, just cut out the damaged part, bend
some metal and weld it in. Any decent fabrication shop can do this with minimal
downtime and cost.


Extruded body

Compartments are framed with extruded members (often proprietary to the manufacture)
and filled in with stitch welded panels. The compartments are suspended off of the chassis
by mild steel outriggers bolted to the compartments.

One Example:

Adequately strong and less labour intensive to manufacture, but a problem could arise if the
apparatus gets hit or hits something. If damage occurs, the extrusion would need to be cut
out and another one made (or it would need to go back to the manufacturer and taken out of service).
If the truck is hit in the rear, the shock would travel down the extrusion to the front of the body,
causing possible cracked welds nowhere near the impact location.
The end result would be a weakened body.

At Arnprior Fire Trucks we still build fully custom apparatus with a formed body and fully welded seams.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012